Consul-Teck Mineral Exploration Services

Combining three generations of experience, drugstore Consul-Teck performs a wide range of mineral exploration and geotechnical services. From complete turn-key to customized solutions, prescription we have accumulated hands-on knowledge of the entire process. From planning to operation, all our efforts are focused on minimizing costs, downtime and realizing projects on time and within budget.

Consul-Teck services include pre-fieldwork consulting for analysis, compilation and historical data management of existing sites or for planning an exploration campaign. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports and documents necessary for financing and promotional needs.

Our Strength – Your Edge

  • Ability to quickly reorganize and reduce costs to
    meet changing financial situations.
  • No third party consultants avoids loss of data, misused
    time and redundancy.
  • Human resources management averts client labour shortages,
    hiring, layoffs and worker compensations.
  • Consul-Teck staff have the knowledge and skill to perform on
    time, within budget and windows of opportunity providing
    constant followups along the way.

Contact Us:

1576 Ch. Sullivan, Suite 1                 Tel: (819) 824-2425
Val d’Or, Quebec                             Fax: (819) 824-2443
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